School Clubs are a vital part of the school experience that support the school mission to educate leaders who make a difference in the world. clubs sponsor a variety of events such as workshops, speeches, and conferences that provide distinct opportunities for learning, networking, and socializing outside the classroom. We encourage our students to get involved in clubs. It is a rewarding experience that helps them to grow socially and in areas of leadership while establishing life-long friendships. Students can opt for two clubs which includes the performing clubs and sports clubs. The list of clubs is as appended:


S.No Name of the Club Details
1 Eco Club Health & wellness club
Nature’s Pride
Eco Resource
2 Suche Moti Club Old age Homes
3 Saada Virsa Heritage Club
4 Performing Arts Dance, Music, Instruments, Dramatics
5 Creative Arts Arts and Craft
6 Gyanpithh Literary clubs in Hindi and English (Debate/Declamation/Extempore/Open Forum/Elocutions/Enactment/Turn Coat/JAM/HAM)
7 IT Club Software
8 Commerce Club Banking
Share Market