Important Dates

GEMS Cambridge International School, Hoshiarpur
Important Dates Pre Foundation, FSI & FSII 2018-19
Date Day Discription Date Day discription Date Day discription
     16-Apr-2018 Mon FSI-All About Me  21-May-2018 Mon FSI-Pattern Fun 30-Jul-2018 Mon FSI-Brain Games
    17-Apl-2018 Tue FSII- ll About Me   22-May-2018 Tue FSII- un with Shapes 31-Jul-2018 Tue FSII-Show And Tell
     30-Apr-2018 Mon PF-Red Color DAy    25-May-2018 Fri PF-Blue Color Day    31-Jul-2018 Tue PF-Yellow Color Day
        Happy Days Are Here Again     Party Time     Dance Mania
     Baisakhi      Mother’s Day