Chairman’s Message

chairmanMr. Sanjeev K Vasal is an enterprising leader with more than thirty years of entrepreneurship, setting up and successfully managing various businesses of the group. Under his charismatic leadership, the group has steadily grown in influence, capability and revenue. He believes every child deserves the best and after two successful Cambridge International Schools, Dasuya and Hoshiarpur, he proudly offers Ivy WORLD SCHOOL to the children of Jalandhar. He has with him a team of eminent educationalists who share a common vision of excellence in education.

The choice of school is a vital decision that discerning parents/guardians make, for it has far reaching implications. It is the aim of Vasal Educational Society to impart “value-laden, outcome based learning” and equip young impressionable minds with capabilities and capacity to fulfil their dreams.

In order to achieve this, Ivy WORLD SCHOOL draws upon the best educational practices world-wide and creates an ambience for the children to imbibe Indian Values. We promise to do all that is in our might to ensure physical, ethical and spiritual well-being of all our students along with their intellectual development. Allow us to nurture them.

I wish you and your child all the very best!!!

Sanjeev K Vasal